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We Build bridges in the world.
But God transforms the world,
And our bridges are relationships,
Blessed with the bonds of love.


I look to God in all my needs,
I know that I can trust him.
Every time my troubled soul pleads,
He makes sure I am secure in his care.



Shepherd News Trust - A Source of Hope

The Ethics-Justice-Faith System with the Spiritual Connection©

The SHEPHERD NEWS TRUST announces a seminar on " Ethics, Justice, and Faith" for the purpose of improving Quality of Life in America. This seminar is designed to deal with current problems in government, commerce, industry, finance, and health care, while touching on the concerns of the American family, education, and jobs.

The guiding principles for proposed changes resulting from this seminar are truth and justice. These virtues distinguish Quality of Life. The agent for change is faith. Faith provides a level playing field in decision-making, in which the spiritual connection is the Way of God.

What changes are essential for improving Quality of Life in today's world?

Economic reforms. The seminar will focus on "outsourcing" of jobs in manufacturing, high technology, software writing, and customer services that deal with the personal affairs of Americans in finance and health care.

Financial reforms. The seminar will focus on pension plans and 401k plans. Standards of conduct are needed to protect the future of America's working class.

Government reforms. The seminar will focus on essential changes to make government more responsive to the needs of American families. Americans have the power to control their future, especially in jobs, deficit spending, education, environment, and health care.

Justice reforms. Justice is doing what is right in the first place. Justice works the rule of accountability in decision-making. Justice fosters truth, honesty, and respect in relationships.

THE ETHICS-JUSTICE-FAITH SYSTEM WITH THE SPIRITUAL CONNECTION© seminar is available in three formats: (1) As a seminar in a classroom-type setting, (2) As a Speaker's Forum at business meetings, club meetings, luncheons, etc., (3) As a neighborhood gathering in "Cottage Meetings" for immediate impact for change and improvements.

This seminar will utilize the following texts published by the Shepherd News Trust:

•  I.D. CRISIS- Freedom of Choice. Sourcebook to illustrate how the Christian faith impacts daily life. Hardcover, 198 pages, $25.95.

•  ERA OF FAITH. Sourcebook for relationships, faith, ethics, justice, and the spiritual connection. Paperback, 288 pages, 8 ½ x 11, $30.00.

 THE ETHICS-JUSTICE-FAITH SYSTEM WITH THE SPIRITUAL CONNECTION© is tailored to the current needs of working families, the retired, college students , and every American in pursuit of truth and justice. Seminar fees are available on request, and are subject to negotiations for charitable organizations and churches.

For more information or to schedule a seminar please contact:

By U.S. Mail:
Kurt Koppetsch, Publisher
174 Pierce Street
West Boylston, MA 01583

By E-Mail:


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