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I sing about faith,
I sing about love.
I praise God for he loves me.
My trust in God
Is the melody of life in my soul.


Welcome home, my Heavenly Father!
Welcome home, Lord Jesus Christ!
Welcome home, God's Holy Spirit!
Welcome home, welcome home,
Welcome home into my heart!



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Era of Faith

The ERA OF FAITH is all about God speaking. Era of Faith

The ERA OF FAITH book is God's Means of Grace for peace. By the power of the Holy Spirit the Word of God inspires faith and encourages hope. As revealed truth then calls for ethics and justice, all people in the world will have equal opportunity in the Peace of God.

The ERA OF FAITH is the story of mission and goals according to God's plan for human life on earth. The mission is to fill spiritual needs and achieve Quality of Life by means of the spiritual connection with God. The goal is to experience the presence of God in all that we do by the power of the Holy Spirit.


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