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God says:
"I want you!
Not your good works
or accomplishments,
I want you as a person."


God speaks and life is serene.
Life once again is a new creation:
Entrenched traditions are no more.
Doctrine and dogmas sound full of retreat.
Myth and legend depart the scene.
We are free in the Spirit.
We are free in the glory of God.



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I.D. Crisis

Freedom of Choice: True Life or Human Nature

I.D. Crisis is a spiritual and personal conflict in modern man ID Crisisof devastating magnitude. Confusion about the past-and uncertainty about personal status in the present-prevents us from knowing our true nature. As a direct consequence of such confusion, visions of the future are clouded. Some of the diversions that prevent people from realizing their true identity as children of God are philosophies, politics, economics, and false religions. The solution is remembering that human beings are dependent creatures of God.
The book I.D. Crisis deals with the spiritual, intellectual, and social conflict in man. The writing details the impact of the Christian faith on everyday life as Theology in the Workplace. It presents the Holy Spirit as God's guide for leading us out of the maze of confusion to the truth of God.


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