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Grace is descending,
And faith is bestowed.
Spirits are mending,
And life is restored.


We thank God
For his love and his care.
We thank God
For the life we share.



Shepherd News Trust - A Source of Hope

A Message of Hope

The Shepherd News Trust welcomes you to the Word of God and His inspirational message of hope. Hope is a gift from God, which is a manifestation of excellence, goodness and power. Spiritual Hope is miraculous and timeless.

Hope personifies spiritual energy. This divine virtue is heavenly food for thought. It is precious because God is letting us draw from his reservoir of power all the necessary support to overcome the stress and pressures in an uncertain world. Indeed, God is blessing every pilgrim to make spiritual life the story of success.

Hope is strength for our pilgrimage. Life, happiness and peace are contingent on our Spiritual Hope.

Come celebrate life in the light of hope as ordained by God for the ERA OF FAITH. Thanks are to God for this most precious gift.

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